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Update 7/13/09

Hello from Lynchburg, Virginia! Let us take a minute to introduce you to the family. Gary, Rebekah, Caleb (left) and Seth (right).

Just a few vital statistics before you check out each of our individual pages.

Gary and Rebekah are, should we say, just a little past middle-aged. Caleb is 21 and Seth is 18. We have lived in Lynchburg for 19 years. We moved here from Newport News, Virginia where Caleb and Seth were both born.  While in Newport News, Rebekah worked as a cardiovascular perfusionist and continued that work here in Lynchburg until the spring of 2003. 

While in Newport News Gary owned and operated a Corvette specialty shop called Peninsula Corvette. Prior to moving to Newport News, Gary taught at Maranatha Christian School for eight years and Rebekah taught for three years.

Rebekah is currently self employed. Her projects both revolve around perfusion consulting and education. Here are her websites. and Rebekah has also written two books - Quest for Adventure and Under an Equatorial Sky. Gary is the Facilities Manager at New Covenant Schools. Gary also does the website work for a company called First Trade Registry

Gary is originally from Illinois and Rebekah hails from Pennsylvania. We have lived in Virginia since 1983, so we almost consider ourselves Virginia natives. As far as we are concerned we will claim Virginia way before those other "Yankee" states where we came from.

Lynchburg is a great place to live. We are right in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. We live in Bedford County and the Blue Ridge Parkway is only 20 minutes down the road. 

As a family we are really involved in church activities. We belong to a church called Grace Assembly. 


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Family Photo Album

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