2008 Promise Land 50K Application



NAME_________________________________________   AGE  ______    SEX ______





City                                     State                Zip



T- Shirt Size:   M      L      XL  (Please circle your choice)





Phone:            Work (     ) _____________         Home (     ) _____________


  E-mail address  ____________________________@_____________________


Number of Ultras Run ______    Best 50K Time___________


I am planning on eating at Promise Land on Friday night. ____YES    _____NO                      If YES, how many people ______

Include $5.00/Person for Friday meal. This includes RUNNERS. 


I have been warned that the Promise Land 50K is a very difficult and possibly hazardous event and I am fully aware that I could be injured attempting such a run.  With this knowledge, I am accepting full responsibility for any harm I might suffer. I absolve all sponsors and organizers of the Promise Land 50K of any and all liability related to my attempt to run the Promise Land 50K.  I agree by signing this release that I am adequately trained and prepared for this endurance event.


Signed____________________________________________  Date ______________________


ENTRY FEE:  $65 postmarked by April 5 - $85 thereafter. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OF ENTRY FEES.  Make check payable to Dr. David Horton and send entry to the address listed above.


Send to

Liberty University
Dr. David Horton
1971 University Blvd.
Lynchburg, VA 24502



** Receipt of Entry:


Upon receipt of entry, runners will be e-mailed a map and other race information.