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Below you will find brief descriptions of each photo included in the Album. Click on the description to view the photo.

David and Dennis Herr during Hardrock - Handies Peak in the background

David and other runners (Yiannis Kouros is 2nd from the left) at Sri Chinmoy race in New York

1987 Trans-Virginia Finishers

April 1992 - Jerry Falwell, Bill Irwin, and David

Old Dominion 100 Miler in 1990 - David won the race and this 7-year old girl won the 100 Mile horse race held at the same time.

David, Dave Drach, and Eric Clifton after finishing the Barkley Fun Run

David with Park Barner at the 1996 JFK 50 Miler

Trans-Virginia runners - When?

Dennis Herr, David, and Donald Smith - Old Dominion - When?

Courtney Campbell, David, and Mike Morton - Rattlesnake 50K in 1997

Bill Irwin (blind AT thru-hiker) with some friends during a visit to Lynchburg

Start of AT 88.3 mile Fun Run in March 1997 - Further explanation with picture

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