Holiday Lake 50K++

Revised Course for 2009 and Time Limits

The 14th annual Holiday Lake 50K++ race will take place on a revised course from previous years.   It will use much of the previous year’s course but will also have a lot of new sections.   The new course will use the Lakeside Trail ( LT ) and Carter-Taylor Trail ( CTT ).    This will eliminate most of the paved road and add more trail running to the course.   The only paved road will be the first 0.6 mile of pavement at the start and an equal amount at the finish.   The first lap will go in the clockwise direction and the second loop will go in the counterclockwise direction.   This is the opposite of previous years.   The previous distance of each loop was around 16.5 to 17 miles.   The GPS distance of the new loop is 16.63 miles, probably a little shorter than the previous loop, thus it will still be HL 50K++, a little extra on each loop.


The start begins in the usual place, the Holiday Lake 4H Educational Center, which is at the end of RT. 723.   Runners will go up the hill on RT 723 for .6 mile turning right on the Lakeside Trail ( LT ).   Follow the LT to a small bridge at the end of Holliday Lake at 1.78 miles.  Turn right and follow the trail next to the edge of the lake and cutting across the park next to the sandy beach and picnic tables picking back up the LT after crossing the road at 2.05 miles.  Continue on the LT next to the lake.  At 2.44 miles you will pass a wooden lookout on the right side of the trail.  At 3.36 miles the LT cuts right across a stream.  The course takes a left turn at this point onto the CTT.  This part of the course is what was used in the past.  The CTT goes uphill at this point on to Aid Station ( AS ) 1 at 4.04 miles.   This AS is at a wooden gate in a small pull out adjacent to Highway  ( HWY ) 692.   Runners continue on the CTT which runs adjacent to HWY 692 until mile 5.71 where it crosses HWY 640.  At 6.03 miles the trail turns right.  At 6.52 miles the course turns right on Rinehart Road.   At 7.07 miles the course crosses Holiday Creek, the big creek crossing that we have had in previous years.   Continue on this road to the intersection of Rinehart Road and Richmond Road and AS 2 at 8.23 miles.   There is no crew access at this aid station.   Turn right on Richmond Road going gradually downhill.   At the bottom on the long gradual downhill, you cross a small bridge.   After crossing the bridge, you turn right on the CTT at 8.78 miles.   At 9.37 miles you cross HWY 636.   The course runs parallel to 636 crossing 636 again at 10.53 miles.   At 10.72 miles the course takes a right on Walker Road  as you continue to follow the CTT.  After going  down a small hill you reach AS 3 on HWY 614 at 12.14 miles.    Take a left on 614 for about 30 yards and then turn right back onto the CTT.   At 12.96 the CTT makes a very sharp right hand turn.   At 13.71 miles, the course makes a sharp right hand turn still staying on the CTT ( this is in a group of large old oak trees ).   The course then goes through the woods  for a short distance then down a very steep little hill.  At 14.14 miles, there is a bridge on your right side that goes across the small stream.   At this point you rejoin the LT staying on the LEFT side of the lake.  Continue around the lake on the left side.   At 15.97 miles you will cross the dam.  At 16.43 miles you cross a small footbridge.   Turn right and follow the trail on the right side of the tennis courts back to the start/finish line at 16.63 miles and the end of loop one.    For loop two, reverse directions and go back the way you came and run the loop in reverse order ending loop two for a total distance of 33.26 miles.


Aid Station 1:   HWY 692:                                                                   4.04 miles

Aid Station 2:   Intersection of Rinehart and Richmond Roads:               8.23 miles

Aid Station 3:  HWY 614                                                                     12.14 miles

Turnaround:   Holiday Lake 4H Center                                                 16.63 miles

Aid Station 3:  HWY 614                                                                      21.12 miles

Aid Station 2:   Intersection of Rinehart and Richmond Roads:                25.02  miles

Aid Station 3:  HWY 692                                                                       29.02 miles

Finish:      Holiday Lake 4H Center                                                        33.26 miles

(Map courtesy of Blake Edmondson and Garmin MapSource)

Time Limit for HL: 

The time limit has been increased from 7.5 hours to 8 hours. The two cut-offs are:  Runners must complete loop one within 3 Hours and 45 minutes to be allowed to continue. Runners must also reach A.S. 2 in loop two (25 miles) by 5 hours and 45 minutes to be allowed to continue.