The report below is from Mike Ferguson.

There are additional reports from Kent Holder, Aila Juvonen, Joseph Haban, Brant Tolsman

I am sitting at home here Monday evening recovering from the MMTR and
licking my wounds (actually the only wounds I have are a couple of
blisters and my pride, neither of which I am flexible enough to lick).
    I decided at some point on my eight and a half hour drive home to
Ohio on Sunday to take you up on your request to write to you about my first MMTR
    My first thought is disappointment. I missed the cut off time at the
43.9 mile aid station by six minutes. My second and third thoughts are in no
particular order; the "loop" sucks! and the "loop" sucks! Now I know that
the name of your race implies pain and discomfort brought on by oneself,
however, that loop is the work of a sadist and even though I really don't know you
that well, my guess is that you've got at least an impish grin on your
face as you read this.
    That aside I have no one to blame but myself for the outcome. My
training was not sufficient to complete the course in the required time. Having
learned my "lesson" and having watched as my sister-in-law's husband and
others I ran and walked with all day cross the finish line, I will return
next year better prepared.
    I must also tell you what a first class event you put together. I was
very impressed with the organization of the whole race especially
considering the logistical nightmare it must be. I especially appreciate the aid
station workers along the way who offered encouragement or a friendly smile. Even
though I'm sure it is tough on the workers to hopscotch from station to
station, it was nice to see the same faces throughout the run.
    I also appreciated the beauty of the scenery along the way with the
exception of seeing people relieve themselves on the side of the trail (I
guess Miss Manners would be appalled at all of us during these runs, not
to mention our mothers).
    This was my first ultra and while I am proud of what I accomplished my
"failure" to finish only fueled my desire to come back and try it again. I
just wish I didn't have to wait a year (so I guess that kind of makes mea
bit of a masochist).
    Thank you for a first class race and the opportunity to challenge my
physical, emotional and spiritual self. See you next year, good Lord

                                            Mike Ferguson, Austintown, OH.