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Race Information

2015 Hellgate 100K application will be posted during the first week of October.

2015 Promise Land 50K - April 25, 2015
Overall results
Age group results
Stories from up, down, and around the mountains

2015 Holiday Lake 50K
++      -    Feb 14, 2015
FINAL Overall Results
Loop split data
Stories from the frozen tundra

2014 Hellgate     December 13, 2014
Stories from the trail! 2003-2014
All-Finishers Stats 2003-2014 (Excel file)  INCLUDES 2014 RESULTS
NEW*** Here is a statistical analysis of Hellgate finishing times by Brock Webb. He says, "
There were some things I found interesting. There is no difference in finishing time under different course conditions and  there was no *statistical* difference in male/female finishing times for the first five races. However,  males have steadily gotten faster since 2008 (and I'm not sure why, but I have a few guesses). I've also generated a prediction equation for Hellgate finish times for Beast series runners."  Check it out!

2014 Promise Land 50K -  April 26, 2014
Age group results
Stories from the sunny, bright trail
Best times and age group top ten stats

2014 Holiday Lake 50K - Feb. 15, 2014
 Results from the snowy slogfest!
Stories and pictures 
2013 Hellgate - December 14, 2013
Results - Posted 12/16/13
2013 Promise Land 50K - April 27, 2013
Results - Posted 4/27/13
Race Reports - Race Director and Overall Winner Reports Added 5/9/13
2013 Holiday Lake 50K - February 9, 2013
Official Race Report - David Horton - Added 2/25/13
Pictures - Added 2/22/13
Results - Updated  2/18/2013
Age Group Results - Added 2/18/13
Race Reports - updated 2/18/13
Sub 5 Hour Women through the years - Thanks to John Price for compiling this - Added 2/18/13
Video Tour of the course (Thanks, Bill Hite!)
2012 Hellgate - Final Results      Age Group Results
Race Reports - Race Director Report - Added 1/8/13
Hellgate - All Finishes

2012 Promise Land 50K, Apr 28, 2012

Overall results    Age group results   

2001-2012 Cumulative Stats  

Come hail or high water: Stories from the Trail 

3 for 3? Still time to sign up for the LUS (Standings)


Consider this new race: June 23, 2012

The Eastern Divide Ultra 50K - Giles County, VA

Recent races:

2012 Holiday Lake 50K, Feb 11, 2012

Tentative overall and age group results

Stories from around the lake  


2011 Hellgate 100K, Dec 10

Running under a full moon. . .

Hellgate stories and results

Complete Hellgate Information

What is Hellgate all about? Multi Media story 



2011 Promise Land 50k, April 23    97.4% finish rate!

Overall Results               Age group results

Stories and snapshots from the race

Professional photography pictures 


2011 Holiday Lake 50K++, February 12

Overall Results/Age Group Results      96% finish rate!    

Stories and pics from around the lake!


2010 Hellgate 100K , Dec. 11, 12:01 AM.  


2010 Results - Posted 12/11/2010

2003-2010 cumulative results and NEW stories and 2010 results from the Gates of Hell: New stories added as they come in! Horton's report as well as 25 others now posted!

Best blood picture of the year! Some people will do anything to win.

- Everything you wanted to know about the course from Hell (Course description, crew directions, aid stations, etc)

- Get a feel for the race:  Watch the 2007 Hellgate Multimedia story by Tracy Boyer of the Roanoke Times.  Includes interactive audio course descriptions, maps, pictures from the race and story line following Rebekah Trittipoe's race. This Hellgate story by the Roanoke Times won 2nd place for multimedia stories in a worldwide competition by the National Press Photographers Association See details  


2010 Promise Land 50K - April 24, 2010

       Results      Stats from all ten years

       Stories and pictures from the Promised Land! 


2010 Holiday Lake 50K - Held February 13, 2010

      Official Results

     Stories and pictures from the snowy trail


2009 Hellgate 100K - Held December 12, 2009 

      Resultsstories and pictures from the Gates of Hell

      More Pictures


2009 Promise Land - Held April 25, 2009

      Results (Updated)           Official race pictures               Stories        

      RD's report      Over the years PL Stats

2009 Holiday Lake 50K++ - February 14   

     Results:  All finishers and Age group

     Stories - Updated 4/13/09   ***Two new stories

     Course GPS map - See where you've been


2008 Hellgate 100K - December 13

     Results, stories, pictures

2008 Mountain Masochist Trail Run - 50 Miles - Nov. 1

2008 Race Information and results, professional pictures

1983 - 2007 MMTR Results, Reports, Pics, Etc 

2008 Holiday Lake 50K++  - Held February 16, 2008

   Results - Posted February 17, 2008

   Race Reports and Pictures - Updated 3/10/08

2008 Promise Land 50K  - Held April 26, 2008                 

   Results and race stories -

   Professional race photos by Andrew Wilds

2007 Hellgate 100K  - Held December 8, 2007

Official Overall and Age Group Results

Race Reports

Ultrarunning Bookstore  


bookvs.jpg (35102 bytes)
Want some interesting reading? Visit Rebekah's Reality, a blog of writings about running, life, and other things.

Lynchburg Ultra Series Info and Stats 

2015 LUS/BEAST Series Information

All-time BEAST results

2014 BEAST Standings - As of 11/3/14
2014 LUS Final Standings
2013 LUS Final Standings 
2013 Beast Final Standings
2012 LUS Final Standings 
2012 Beast Series Standings  
2011 Final LUS Standings
2011 Final BEAST Standings
2010 BEAST Standings  
2010 LUS Standings
2009 BEAST Final Standings  
2008 Beast Final Standings
2007 Final LUS Standings  
2007 Horton Slam Results 

Older News...   

South Beyond 6000 Women's Record - June 2009

Jenny Anderson, Anne Lundblad, and Rebekah Trittipoe

 6 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes    

Lots of pics from the trail, daily synopsis, and links to news articles   Pictures added 6/15/09  

Colorado Trail Record Attempt - July 2009

On the trail again... David Horton chased the supported Colorado Trail Record...Read more

 David Horton's 2008 Continental Divide Trail Record Attempt

June 7th marked both the beginning and the end of David's adventure.  The brutal desert had it's way with David when he lost the trail, was afflicted with total body cramps, unable to walk and on the verge of losing consciousness.  Severe vomiting, dry heaves, unable to eat and drink or sleep after finally finding his way left him with little recourse but to surrender... Click here to hear David's description

Allegheny Trail Record - June 2007

 Rebekah Trittipoe completed the 292-mile Allegheny Trail in 7 days 6 hours. Read about the first several days  HERE. 

Miscellaneous Stuff

- Link for races worldwide: http://www.ULTRAmarathonRunning.com

- For all trail lovers: Interesting elevation profiles of The Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail

- Professional photos and great views along the Leadville Trail 100

- One of the more focused sources for health insurance discussion,
Reallycheaphealthinsurance.com now has updated news and quotes.

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Ultrarunning Calendar
The best and most up to date calendar out there. 
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Ultrarunner's Bios
Thanks to Stan Jansen who has compiled these Bios from over 1000 ultrarunners who have been a part of the Ultra Listserv group.
Long Distance Record Attempts
Two attempts at David Horton's Appalachian Trail Record and several attempts at the Long Trail Record are chronicled.
Pictures, we have pictures. Everything from A Quest for Adventure, 1991 Appalachian Trail Run, the 1995 Trans-Am Footrace, to general stuff that is of interest to ultrarunners and hikers.
After a short time on the Homepage everything ends up here. If you are new to this site you will certainly find something of interest here.



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